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Limits are like a game of Tetris

Who knew a simple game like Tetris would help and support the theory of my company Expanding Limits.

 Tetris is an extremely old game, which dates back to “game boy” days (80’s and 90’s babies know). The purpose of the game is to stack several different shapes in a way that keeps them from flowing to the top of the game board. As a straight line is formed the blocks disappear. This game taught me a lesson on how to look at limits.

Randomly one day, I started playing the game on my smart phone. I was familiar with the game but pretty rusty. I scored 400,000 points and I was bragging about it to my friend Kelvin. He decided to download the game on his mobile phone and play as well. It seemed as if his main goal was just to beat my score. So while he was on the quest to take my high score I started to pursue 500,000 points, which seemed almost impossible because 400,000 was tough. Kelvin sent me a screenshot of a score above 500,000; needless to say the competition was on. Back and forth we sent screen shots outdoing one another. He was the first to crack the one million mark and I followed, eventually the Tetris frenzy had passed on. I forgot who ended up ahead, but what's more important than who had the higher score, is the growth and ability we had to reach for a higher score in just a matter of days.

One day we thought 400,000 was the tallest mountain, with a little competition the tallest mountain seemed very tiny to the progress that we had made. Passing 400,000 wasn't even worth mentioning; when we had pushed ourselves to do things without a ceiling. We achieve what seemed impossible. I realized this was the same concept for limits; if we have the drive and focus to push ourselves, we surpass our perceived limitations.  The competitive edge between Kelvin and I was the force that pushed us to excel.

Our only limitation is the one set in our mind, expand your limitations until they break”.