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About Us

Expand Limits 
It is with great pleasure to introduce you to our company Expanding Limits LLC. We are a brand that produces superior athletic and fitness apparel  for all sports. We are a small but  growing Brooklyn born company with great aspirations.
Expanding Limits is motivated and impelled to push harder to reach their goals and exceed beyond limitations wearing our apparel.

The Goal 
Our Goal is to provide a unique approach to enhancing oneself. With motivation along with creativity Expanding Limits will tap into its followers inner strength. We will revolutionize the approach to athletic apparel along with fitness equipment. We seek to spread the Expanding Limits Principles and philosophy: “Thinking without limitations”
Our Vision
Expanding limits is a lifestyle geared towards enhancing one self. Specializing in initiatives ranging from athletic apparel to fitness equipment , Expanding limits serves as an ally to get you to where you need and want to be. A place of exceeding expectations to be educated, motivated and improvement. We firmly believe that Expanding Limits allows people to expand their own limits, working with clients to bring and voice the want for change. In the future Expanding Limits will provide fitness and sport training. In addition Expanding Limits Advance Fitness Equipment will revolutionize the outlook on working out . Exciting things to come!!