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Our Story

The CEO and Founder of Expanding Limits, Kyle Graham, would like to take this
opportunity  to explain the foundation in which Expanding Limits was built on. Both his parents, Eddie and Lisa were and still are hardworking individuals. However, an unforeseen circumstance would force his mother's path to be far more difficult. At the age of three, his mother had a stroke which ultimately cost her the ability to use her left hand. Some would consider his mother handicapped. But her ability to accomplish things using one hand, kept him from labeling her that way. His mother was told by doctors that she would never live past her early twenties and that she would not be able to bare children. Doctors told her that due to her medical condition, going through the child birth process could be fatal to her and her child. His mother successfully gave birth to him and his brother when she was in her mid-twenties. Ever since then, she worked and provided for him and his younger brother.  Watching his mother work hard night after night at her New York City job, he was determined to defeat any limitations that presented themselves to him. His father provided him with knowledge that he would never gain in any philosophy class. He always encouraged him to do better and to believe in a limitless life.
 When Kyle was in his late teens he came to the realization that he controlled his limitations. (Expanding Limits Theory) He applied this concept of hard work to sports and to his everyday life.  Expanding Limits was created with the idea of developing advanced equipment for everyday usage. The purpose  was to find the best way to advance as an athlete. Watching many people in the gym, bored with the equipment, made him want to create an innovative technique and movement that would give an ''out of the box experience,'' while working out. Expanding Limits equipment designs are far superior to any workout equipment currently on the market. Expanding Limits has its own athletic  gear that is aligned with the Expanding Limits theory.. Being great today, but even better tomorrow. Additionally, the Expanding Limits team has opened its doors and is partnering with other organizations who share our philosophy.
He dedicates Expanding Limits to my parents. Lisa & Creighton Weldon and Eddie Graham To those who live without limitations and chase their dreams  You inspire me
E.L is just getting started  -Kyle Graham